Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Lung Transplant Story; Part1

Angela and I are greatly appreciative of all your thoughts and prayers as we journey up this mountain. Over the last couple of months I've had tests done to determine whether or not I would be a candidate for a double lung transplant. Initially, as we began the process, we came across some disheartening news about my internal condition. The doctors, through there testing, determined that my left lung has shrunk upward and fused itself to my rib cage due to a surgery I had 7 years ago that did not completely go the way the doctors anticipated. My heart has shifted over further to the left and my stomach and diaphragm slid upward to compensate the empty void. After speaking to the pulmonologist on the second day of testing we were heavy hearted and dismayed because he told us that he thought that the double lung transplant may impossible. Shortly, before he came into our room I told Ang that I needed to use the restroom which led me right by the doctors' office. As I walked by, there were a group of professionals all standing around the Pulmonologist observing a computer screen. Just at that moment I heard a spontaneous chorus of gasps and grunts that made me widen my eyes and studder in my thoughts. I kept on going to my destination, thinking in my head, "They must of seen something that wasn't to good about somebody." But it really didn't dawn on me that it was me until I got back to the room and my wife told me that my doctor came by to see us. She said that he would be back. A few minutes went by and the doctor entered with a downcast face and told us about the testing and procedures. Toward the end, (Its always toward the end because there's nothing to say after you hear the news) he showed Angela and I that my chest cavity was a train wreck (my words) and that he was going to have to talk to the surgeon to see if he thinks it was even going to be possible. Our faces pale, eyes watery, our minds began racing to remember the scriptures that Jesus uttered to his disciples as recorded in Mark 10:27, "Jesus looked at them and said, "With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God." If he wants this to happen there is not going to be a problem that he can't overcome. He took the sun and made it rise and put the stars in their place. He is sovereign and all powerful and we worship Him who is worthy.  He's no man made God- He's the God who made man!! His name is Immanuel, which means God with us.

We left the office and made our way home in silence much of the way. That was when we began to be flooded with hope as we looked back over our lives and seen God's provision for us in such miraculous ways and say them out loud to each other. We wanted this to be easy, I confess. We didn't want any hitches or hang-ups. Heck, I would, and still will take an instant healing if God would just speak the word. His Word! We began to pray instantly that God would fill the surgeon's mind with the answer we longed to hear--It is possible. Of course we passed it on to all the saints we could knew to pray about it for us.

The last thing the doctor told us is that he wanted us to continue in my testing and that he would hopefully speak to the surgeon over the next 2 days to get his feedback. The next day I had a heart cath done which put me out for the day. The day following that was just meetings with a dietician and a financial-insurance advisor. My parents came in for the final meeting with the Pulmonologist and the Nurse Coordinator to tell us whether or not I would be considered to be a canidate for the lung transplant list. Of course we were all a little nervous about this meeting. There was great news, however. The Surgeon told the Pulmonologist that he thinks that it is "do-able"!!!! Needless to say we walked out with smiles and rejoicing in the Lord!

It doesn't have to go this way. I could have been anyone of the other 3 potential candidates who received devastating news that day. I often ask God why He has chosen me to go through this. I used to think it as a curse but have come to appreciate this gift. God has lit us on fire to give light to the people in this hopeless and dark generation. You are not a descendant of an Ape. You were knit together in your mother's womb. You have worth, value and a purpose. You weren't made for the next party, the next new car, next new job, next new girlfriend/boyfriend, next new drug, next new movie, next new move, and the next new thing to worship to take away the ache you have in your heart. All those things are fleeting!! The Creator God is the only constant in this fallen world. Forsake your sinful ways and throw yourself at the feet and mercy of the living God and He will forgive you in Christ Jesus.


  1. What an awesome testimony you have for the Lord! Glory to God, Praise Him forever! I had the privelage of helping Angela in Childrens choir last year, and she is truly a gem. I think of you guys occasionaly, and appreciate the updates on how great our God is! My prayers are with you guys!

  2. You're such an encouragment and your faith is amazing! Thank you for sharing your daily testimony and allowing God to have the glory in all this. Praying for you everyday!!

    Matt and Cassie